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A Single Pane of Glass for sales organizations

Reps won't live in CRM anymore. That ship has sailed. Quoted from Gartner

Traditional CRM has turned sellers into data-entry robots who waste days & nights making administrative updates and searching for customer data across systems.

The Tact Assistant acts as a single pane of glass to augment daily seller productivity, drive business collaboration, and provide key sales insights across teams. Tact connects Sales organizations to the data they need across CRM, email, calendar, LinkedIn, Zendesk and beyond, through natural text, touch, and voice conversational experiences.

Get a 13 month selling year with Tact

What if Sellers had an assistant by their shoulder right when they finish a call, email, or meeting? Tact is the personal assistant that nudges sellers to capture information and actions in the golden 5 minutes after an interaction, while freeing 4-6 hours per week of selling time.

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Accelerate your sales cycles with Thread

What if companies had a team assistant available not only to sellers but also Marketing, Legal, Customer Success and other supporting teams? Thread is a cross-team assistant that accelerates content collaboration, insights sharing, and helps Sales close deals 20-30% faster.

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Meet the Sales Platform for the Intelligent Edge

The Tact Assistant is powered by the world’s first sales platform with pre-built mobile and conversational experiences designed for the Intelligent Edge. The Tact platform is trusted by decision makers, IT, and thousands of sellers and teams at leading Fortune 500 companies.

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