What if you had an Enterprise-grade platform that was also Consumer-like?

The Tact.ai Conversational Sales Platform connects any application to any device and is built for the intelligent edge where sales and customer teams work through conversational workflows.


We built a new kind of architecture that goes beyond forms-on-a-database. It allows you and your IT team to integrate your apps and your people to create friction free workflows, with complete control of your data.

Tact.ai brings together multi-tenant and single-tenant data, structured and unstructured interactions, and voice and screen experiences, all in one platform.

AI-powered Push Intelligence

Tact.ai Push Intelligence acts as a system of nudges to push deal and customer insights as well as next best actions. The platform enables insights to be customized based on the frequency and needs of different sales organizations.

Advanced Voice Intelligence

Additionally, moving beyond traditional speech transcription and commands, Tact.ai’s Voice Intelligence delivers conversation-driven workflows that allow sellers to have natural language experiences in-car, on mobile, and other edge devices.

Tact.ai voice intelligence adapts to the sellers’s situational context and supports both user and system initiated conversations. The Assistant also uses dynamic narrative generation to manage non linear dialog flows with sellers, using adaptive organizational ontologies.

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Patented Sync Engine

Tact.ai's patented engine performs intelligent, user specific syncing so users have the fastest access to their relevant data on their local device. Synchronization to servers like Salesforce happens in the background or when connection exists for offline use, using learning algorithms. The Extensible Connector Framework allows the platform to connect and sync across multiple data sources.

Scalable Customer Graph

The customer graph is a Federated Data Graph that connects the dots with data across multiple sources. The Graph helps sellers get the complete context to different pieces of data to build a complete picture across CRM and other legacy databases. Using recursive relevance, Tact learns and gets a clearer picture of sellers every day.

User Level Customizations

The average Fortune 500 company has already spent millions on managing customizations such as for CRM. The Tact.ai platform enables 80% of customizations to be handled automatically, providing every sales member of a team an experience that can be as personalized as Netflix in their personal lives.

Enterprise Grade Security

Tact.ai platform architecture gives you complete control of your data. Unlike most SaaS companies which store customer data in a multi-tenant database, the platform offers BYOK (Bring your Own Key) Encrypted Single-Tenant Mode as an option to store and isolate all data. With pre-built Mobile Device Management (MDM) integrations, Tact.ai allows you and your IT team to create new friction free workflows, while extending the value of existing IT investments.

And Out of Box Integrations

Seamless integrations to critical customer and business systems such as CRM is essential to keeping sales teams in flow. However, building every possible connection to every possible system is not feasible, given the cost and complexity of traditional integrations.

The Tact.ai platform includes an extensible Connector Framework and a federated data management layer to connect with modern cloud based and traditional legacy data systems, across Sales, Support, Service, Orders and other customer repositories.

Accelerate sales and customer flow with the human-friendly AI Assistant

What if every seller in the world had a personal assistant to do their admin work and tap them on the shoulder with just-in-time intelligence?

The Tact.ai Assistant does that just that — through touch, chat and voice. It's the seller's single pane of glass over customer data & insights scattered across multiple systems such as CRM, email, calendar, and legacy databases.

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Compress hierarchies and sales cycles with the Intelligent Workspace

What if every seller in the world had a war room for every customer? To communicate and get things done with their deal team, partners and the customer — minus the endless meetings, calls and emails.

The Tact.ai Workspace creates deal rooms controlled by the seller. Blending chat, voice and video messages, live meetings, document markups, to-do's, approvals, and e-signatures. Available on any device. And the Tact.ai assistant is always an @mention away to answer any questions or pull any data.

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