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The Smart Assistant for Sales Teams

The Thread Cross-Team Assistant helps Sales work seamlessly with other teams and customers to accelerate deals and provide a superior Customer Experience.

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Work better with cross-team threads

The Thread Assistant connects Sales teams with Marketing, Legal, Customer Success and customers through persistent rich messaging “threads” designed for rapid collaboration across team groups and across company boundaries.

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Drive just-in-time content collaboration

The Thread Assistant includes advanced file sharing and document annotation capabilities so Sellers can get inputs from key content or domain experts and iterate on customer proposals faster.

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Meet the team instantly

The Thread Assistant enables sales to pull together other team members into live meetings instantly through rich meetings that include document sharing, audio and video support, and meeting recording capabilities.

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Close the deal and serve customers

The Thread Assistant has electronic signature capabilities for faster approvals and consent. Thread enables Sales to act as stewards of overall customer success after a sale, building trust for future business transactions.

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